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Partnership with us

Our services are for the retreat leaders who want to plan profitable and transformational retreats in the spectacular nature surroundings right on the river bank.

Imagine hosting transformational retreats that will make your clients' hearts sing, surrounded by tranquil meadows... and imagine a retreat planned in partnership with us with 24x7 support... 

Give your client an unforgettable experience and enjoy the glamping experience you'll want to host again and again.

Our Glamping site will provide not only the retreat venue with comfy beds, but also watersport equipment, local yoga teachers and gong bath including gong puja (overnight sound healing) experience. 

Unlike other glamping sites, we have the unique dome of capacity for 60 people with amazing acoustic for sound healing and gatherings. Your retreat in the nature will not suffer because of bad weather. 

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We go beyond


Unique dome, the largest in Latvia, offers you safe place surrounded by nature. The dome can accomodate 60 people and has amazing accustics and is fully transparent. If it is too hot for the dome - we have the venue tent with capacity 40 people.


7 glamping tents with 6 double beds and 6 single beds.

Each glamping tent has real bed with comfy mattress, bed linen, warm duvet, soft pillows, and even heated underblanket. Wall-to-wall carpet, chairs, cattle, electricity, tea and coffe selection. For an extra comfort you can rent the electric fireplace.

You can also choose comfortable hotel rooms accross the river with on demand ferry access between the campsite and the hotel.


There are 4 bio toilets in the territory, 1 shower facility and the communal kitchen.

In the kitchen we have sink, electric stove, some plates, coffee maker, microwave, washing machine and refrigerator.

We do not store the dinnerware for 30 people, but we can rent it out for your venue. We have outdoor seating picnic tables or indoor seats with dining tables for 30 guests. It is all arrangeable on short notice based on the weather conditions.

We also have 1 hot-tube and sauna on the water.

Our service

We offer the full service of marketing your event, arranging suppliers and activities, we can even help you with the cost calculation for the event.

And we are on the site 24/7 to help you with emergencies.


We can help you to arrange so needed extra moments for your agenda to reach the beyond experience for your clients. Gong meditations, musicians, folk artists, clasical music, food, excursions - you name it.

Watersport equipment hire

We have the close collaboration with watersport center that will deliver all equipment to the campsite.

They offer SUP, boats and rafts that can even be used for floating meditations.


We are located 2km from Jaunjelgava, the small historical town 375 years old with 1 pub and a few grocery stores.


We can organise th etransfer from from the Riga internal airport 90km from the site. You can reach us by car and by buss. The closest buss stop is 500m.

We can also pick you up at the nearest train station 12km away.

  • Anita D.

    Man ir vislabākā pieredze retrītu organizēšanā sadarboties ar "Kempings pie Daugavas". Vietas saimnieki ir patiešām Saimnieki ar lielo burtu, jo to var sajust katrā detaļā, katrā pretīmnākšanā un atbildē.

    Daugavas tuvums, kupols, teltis, kurās ir tik fantastisks komforts, laipnie saimnieki - ko gan vēl var vēlēties, ja gribi vienlaikus būt arī dabā. Vieta, kur labklājība sasaucas ar iespēju piedzīvot dabas tuvumu. Anita

  • Ananda

    Good morning ☀️

    Thank you very much for this warming welcome 🙏

    Your space is really magical and magnificent

    Yesterday circle was so feminine, so beautiful, so powerful

    I appreciate everything what you did for us

    I think we will come back again in October ✨🙌🏼

Check out our glamorous glemping tents

Zvanu teltis, mēbelētas teltis, glempings, glamping latvia

Zvanu teltis

Rezervē savu telti online vai zvani un mēs Tev palīdzēsim 25678898 1.... 

We cooperate with the best chefs in the area, tables can be laid out for 30 guests. Or bring your own chef.

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Shower, sauna or hot-tube?

About us

The campsite is buit on the inherited land. In 1924, the house was lost in the floods and since then, there is nobody living.

The idea of glamping site has come from music festivals with an difference of being quiet camping, no music allowed. We prefer the sound of bird songs, wind tunes and crickets.

Dace Elza Druva

Dace has returned home after 20 years abroad and has chosen to run the campsite allowing her to spend time in this stunning place and share it with all travelers.

  • Many thanks to my husband, who is supporting me in all ventures,

  • My brother and nephew has built the floating sauna, absolutely fabulous outcome.

  • All family members visiting campsite are put to work.

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