Spend a day or perhaps a few days in the nature, feel the wind, the sun, the rain against the tent roof.

Wake up with the bird songs and go to sleep with cricket relaxing sound.

The tents are insect proof :)

About us

The campsite is buit on the inherited land. In 1924, the house was lost in the floods and since then, there is nobody living.

The idea of glamping site has come from music festivals with an difference of being quiet camping, no music allowed. We prefer the sound of bird songs, wind tunes and crickets.

Dace Elza Druva

Dace has returned home after 20 years abroad and has chosen to run the campsite allowing her to spend time in this stunning place and share it with all travelers.

  • Many thanks to my husband, who is supporting me in all ventures,

  • My brother and nephew has built the floating sauna, absolutely fabulous outcome.

  • All family members visiting campsite are put to work.

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